Robot Unit Study

We devoted the month of March 2013 to studying robots.  It was really just a beginning because robots are still invading our everyday life, and it seems that they will continue to do so for quite some time.  This unit is designed for elementary school students.

Unit Study Spine

For the spine of this unit, we used the Amanda Bennett unit study Rocking Robots.  If you want a simple, fun unit study on Robots, this is really all you need.  You have to be linked to the internet to use her unit studies because you frequently click on You Tube videos and websites to get information for what is covered in the studies.

We are not simple and easy going at our house, so instead of using this as a all inclusive unit study for a week, the way it is designed, we used it for a month and added a great many things to our own studies.

Reading Material

There are not a ton of good books on robots for elementary-aged children.  I’m continuing to add to this section as we find and read new robot books.

Robot Zot! by Jon Scieszka.  This was our favorite fiction book that we read on robots.  It’s the cutest tale of robot love with a little bit of fighting and a lot of destruction of household appliances.  I would highly recommend it.

My Robot by Eve Bunting.  This is a easy reader.  We used it primarily to give my second grader some practice reading some easier material.  This one does have a cute story.  It also has a suggestion in the back and instructions for making toilet paper roll robots.  My children spent half a day making robots after reading this book.

Me and My Robot by Tracey West.  This was another easy reader.  This one was not really memorable, but Firecracker did enjoy reading it to us.

Robots: From Everyday to Out of This World by the editors of YES magazine.  This was our main nonfiction book that we read.  The graphics were entertaining and the text was interesting.

Projects/Crafts Worked on:

We printed out and made a ton of these printable robots from Learn Create Love.  They kept saying, “Just print us two more.”   They loved them.

4M Tin Can Robot.  This is a kit from and it was too difficult for Firecracker to build by himself.  However, he loved watching my Hubby build it and playing with it after it was built.

OWI Frightened Grasshopper Kit – Solar Powered.  I had thought that this would be a neat rabbit trail into solar power for the kids.  However, they declared it boring, and it was decided that Monkey (my 3 year old) was the only one who really enjoyed it.

Find & Make Robot Kit  This was a waste of money.  My children made better robots with scotch tape, hot glue and a little paint.

4M Trash Robot Kit  This is really a young kid thing, but my kids loved it.  It comes with stickers and the wheel components.  All you have to do is to supply the soda bottle to decorate.

Alex Toys Shrinky Dinks Kit: Robots  We really enjoyed this.  We’ve never used shrinky dinks and I let the kids watch them shrink through the oven window, and they were amazed!

Lilliput Robot Cake  This is the link to the robot cake that we made during our study.  I’m not sure how clear the directions are because we also used this as a fraction lesson, so I know there are a lot of fractions in my directions.  If it’s unclear just let me know, and I can try to make it clearer.

Cardboard box Robot  This isn’t a tutorial, but the pictures in this post will show you how we made our cardboard box robots.  The main color of the robot is made by paint.  Everything that is attached is attached either with packing tape or with hot glue.

Stamped Robots  This is an art project that we did in our sketchbooks.  It includes a stamping technique that we haven’t really focused on before this project.

Acting Like Robots  Here we challenged our selves to see how long we could do a simple task just like a robot would.  The results were not surprising to me, but were shocking to the children.



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