Native American Resources

Our overarching theme for our 2013-2014 school year is Native American Cultures.  As I compile unit studies and lists of resources, I will be updating this page with those resources.

Seminole Indians

Our first group of Indians that we studied was the Seminole Indians.  You can find our unit study resources at this blog post.


Ojibwa/Chippewa Indians

We did this awesome mini study of dreamcatchers.

Dreamcatcher Mini Unit

We also made some delicious Maple Sugar Candy.

We read all four of The Birchbark House novels and I wrote up a few activities that we did here.

Plains Indians

We made some backrests for Rose’s mini American Girl dolls that were very Plains Indian themed.

Another plains indians activity we did that was very popular in our house was to make our own construction paper teepees.


Cherokee Indians

We live in Cherokee Indian country, so some of our bigger projects have been Cherokee Indian themed.

Rose decided she wanted to study Cherokee Indian mask making, and she even made her own mask!

Cherokee Booger Mask

We also took a visit to the Cherokee capital of New Echota, and I wrote not just about our trip but also provided some links to help you learn more about the events leading up to the Cherokee Trail of Tears.

New Echota




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