How To Train Your Dragon

One of our favorite series of books has been Cressida Cowell’s How to Train Your Dragon series.  Along our way through the books, we’ve found ourselves naturally drawn to do a few activities with them, and I’m posting them here, so that they’ll be all in one place if you’re looking for activities to do with your children based on the books.

Viking Poppins Image

The first post I wrote based on these books was called Vikings are Pirates Too!  In this post, I share some of our learning resources on Vikings as well as a couple of simple printable crafts that we made as part of our Viking Study.  It was interesting for the children to realize that Vikings were actually pirates.

How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse

Another post I wrote in about How to Train Your Dragon was on Growing a Tabletop Garden.  In this we, attempted to grow root vegetables in containers of water to emulate how Hiccup buried an arrow saturated in potato juice and a potato grew in the book How to Cheat A Dragon’s Curse.

Exploding Volcanoes

One of my next posts in this series was on exploding volcanoes.  It just happened to be the perfect intersection of a volcano kit and the book How to Twist a Dragon’s Tale.  In this book, Hiccup is attempting to stop a volcano from erupting.  This post includes some video resources for learning about volcanoes.

Drawing Dragons

I also wrote a post on drawing dragons.  In this post I share a couple of You Tube video drawing tutorials for dragons from the How to Train Your Dragon movies.  We were reading the book How to Speak Dragonese at the time, so I discuss that book just a little as well.

imaginary animals

We did a lesson on animal adaptations and creating our own imaginary animals.  Firecracker used this as an opportunity to create animal descriptions in the style of the How to Train Your Dragon books.  While we did this accidentally, this is a great intentional lesson as well!

Ideas for Using How to Break a Dragon's Heart in Your Homeschool

I also wrote a post with some unit study ideas to get you started using How to Train Your Dragon: How to Break a Dragon’s Heart as a literature study in your homeschool.


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