This is an effort on my part to organize some of my posts on the book series Bunnicula.  Here are all the posts I’ve written about our Bunnicula studies to date:

Bunnicula Perler Bead Creations

The first post I wrote is one on Bunnicula perler bead creations.  We created these as story-telling devices to make videos of our own made up Bunnicula stories.  This was Rose’s own idea and creation, and I think it was an excellent one.

Bunnicula's Fudge Cook-Off

The next Bunnicula post I wrote was one that was a competition.  We had a boys vs. girls Fudge Cook-Off based on the Bunnicula easy reader Hot Fudge.  This was a lot of fun, and I highly recommend it as a fun and easy “kids in the kitchen” time.

Bunnicula's Chocolate Cream Filled CupcakesThe third post I’ve written is also a cooking post.  Around the time that we read Nighty-Nightmare, Harold’s long and loving descriptions of the chocolate-cream filled cupcakes that he would eat had Firecracker making some of his own.  Of course, we could have went to the store and bought some, but what what would be the fun in that when we can make our own?

Beyond our Planet

 Mind Swappers from Asteroid Six and Ideas Beyond our Planet is a round-up of some of our favorite space explorations.  It’s meant to go along with the book Mind Swappers from Asteroid Six.  This is an excellent Tales from the House of Bunnicula novel that reads like a very cheesy alien invasion horror movie.  So, of course, my children loved it!


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