This is a page for collecting all my blog posts and lesson ideas for the book of Genesis.  I’ll be teaching and studying through Genesis during the 2017-2018 school year with Community Bible Study, and what I feel inspired to share (along with any pre-existing resources) will be added to this page.

Resources for Studying Genesis

I will be ordering this page by chapter in Genesis in order to make it more helpful.


Our CBS leadership picked a theme to go along with Genesis this year in our study.  They wanted us to know that God Speaks.

Genesis 1

Have you ever thought about what happened before Genesis 1:1.  It was the theme of my first week’s lecture, and I made a Bible study/handout for my students called Verses Showing Love and Communion Between Members of the Divine Trinity.

When I reading Genesis 1 and looking at cross-references, one of the cross-references amazed me.  So, I wrote a post about it called Breath of God.

A few years ago I did a review of a product from Wizzy Gizmo called In the Beginning. I have also reviewed book about creation called Purposeful Design.

Need a craft or snack idea to go with creation? Rice Krispie Treat Earths would be a good one!  Maybe you should draw some imaginary animals!  Have your kids study the days of creation and make their own creation books!

Genesis 3

Reading about Adam and Eve’s fig leave coverings got me thinking in the blog post Covering Us.

I also interact with an idea of what might have lead to the fall in Tough Questions.

A fun craft to go with the fall of man (not that it’s a fun thing!) is paper plate snakes!

Genesis 7

I spend a little bit of time interacting with Noah in the post Pictures of Rapture in the Bible.

Genesis 11

A great snack idea for the Tower of Babel is to make a snack stack!

Genesis 16

Five years ago I was teaching some Sunday School lessons to some very sweet 2nd and 3rd grade girls in the book of Genesis.  I was teaching about Hagar and Sarai in class, and we talked about the idea of whether or not we were going to be Peacemakers or Peacebreakers.

One night the way that, for Hagar, God is The God Who Sees  was very meaningful to me. This is a lesson that really changed the way that I viewed God.

Genesis 17

God is the God of the impossible.  So, the idea in Genesis 17 that God can use us even when, by our own account, we feel that we are impossible or unusable is one that is truly meaningful to me.

Genesis 18

Sometimes we feel weary.  Even though Genesis 18 shows a Sarah who is physically old and weary, I found myself applying the idea to when I am physically and emotionally weary.

I also wrote about the outcry against Sodom in this chapter and about leaving justice in God’s hands.

Do you know what 3 Seahs of Flour are? Do you know how it connects Genesis 18 to Jesus’s parables?  Each week this blog post is in my top ten visited posts, so there are a lot of people who want to know the answer to these questions!

Genesis 19

As I thought about Lot’s story, I wrote about little sins and how there isn’t really a little sin in God’s eyes.

Genesis 25

Are we more like Esau or like Jacob? An examination of whether we live for The Here-and-Now versus the Hereafter might be a good place to start figuring that out.

Genesis 37

Are you studying Joseph?  Maybe, instead of making coats of many colors you would like to make a many colored macaroni necklace!

Hebrews 11

Even though it’s not technically in Genesis, this post on Growing in Faith focuses on Abraham and Sarah, so it’s a good compliment for any study in Genesis.