Hi!  My name is Rebecca, and I’m a follower of Jesus and wife to the wonderful Kevin 🙂  We also have four children that I’m home with all the time.

We have Firecracker, an nine year old boy, who loves Ninjas, Legos, the Civil War and any type of science DVD he can get his hands on.

We have Rose, a seven year old girl, who loves painting, writing stories and watching My Little Pony.  She also loves to help in the kitchen and always has a million projects scattered all over the place.

We have Monkey, a four year old boy, who always has a toy or figurine in his hand.  He especially loves Batman and Spiderman.  He also has a weakness for “making paper dolls” from printable crafts and coloring sheets that I find him on the computer.

We also have Owlet, a three year old girl, who is into cuddles and kisses, My Little Pony, Frozen and styling everyone’s hair and nails.

We live just a little north of Atlanta, Georgia, and we homeschool in a very freewheeling, project-based kind of way.  I love comments and getting to know people as I come across and read their blogs.  If you’re looking to contact me directly, a great way is through my email at raben_76325@yahoo.com.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Rebecca,

    I stumbled across your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m a fellow stitcher as well. If you find the time, why not scoot over to my ‘home’ and take a peak. You can find me addictedtoxs.wordpress.com.

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