5 Days of Essential Homeschool Prayers

5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials

Like the 5 Days of Essential Homeschool Prayers?  Miss a post?  Here are all five posts in this series in one place.

Day 1:  Praying Over a Decision to Homeschool.  Are you curious about homeschooling?  Almost convinced it’s the right way for you?  Have you asked God about homeschooling?  Maybe you should check out my post and see some of the verses and prayers I recommend for those who are trying to make a decision about homeschooling.

Day 2:  Praying for Spousal Support  What should you do if you are set on homeschooling and your spouse is skeptical?  Here I give some practical advice for the kinds of prayers that you should be praying in this situation.

Day 3:  Praying over Curriculum Choices.  Curriculum choices and be dizzying and fun, but what should you and your children do together now that you’ve decided to homeschool.  This post gives some advice for praying through this situation.

Day 4:  Prayers for Peace and Love  Two of my most essential prayers for the homeschool day.  That our house would be peaceful and that I would show love to my children.

Day 5: Praying for Opportunities.  This is about praying for the opportunity to share your faith and the opportunity to pass on an example of Christian living to your children.



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