Bad Kitty Camp Daze

For the second night in a row, I read Ellie a Bad Kitty book.  This time it was the newest Bad Kitty book, Bad Kitty Camp Daze.  All Kitty wants is a little peace, 22 hours of sleep and giant delicious meals.  Does Kitty get that?  No.  Instead, she has a wild puppy and even more wild baby that want to play all the time.  During some of this rough play, Kitty get bonked on the head, and she begins to believe that she’s a dog.

Puppy is so stressed out that their owner decides to send puppy away to a nice relaxing camp.  Unfortunately for him, Kitty, still thinking she’s a dog, stows away in his back pack.  Kitty fits right in for a while until it becomes apparent that she really is a cat.

Ellie loved this book.  She was too tired to give it a full review, but she says she loves it and gives it five stars.

I really enjoyed this book.  It was better than Bad Kitty Takes a Test, and I enjoyed the Dog/Cat interplay.  I also learned about how catnip affects cats from the book.  I have always thought it was really weird that our cat eats catnip instead of sniffing it, but I found out that this was actually a common response for cats, and that eating catnip actually calms a cat down.  Totally cool to learn from a book, right?


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