Bad Kitty Takes the Test

I promised myself that this year I would count and write at least a little bit about every book that I read, including the ones that I read to my six year old daughter.  She’s not an independent reader yet, so she and I do a good bit of reading together in the evenings when my older children have their nightly reading time.  I let her choose the books for nighttime reading, so the books are really varied, but one of the authors that my children pass around with each other is Nick Bruel.  They especially like the Bad Kitty chapter books, and last night Ellie and I read Bad Kitty Takes the Test together.

Bad Kitty has recently had a string of not very catlike behavior. So, as a surprise in the mail, she receives instructions that she has to go take a test to prove that she really is a cat.  She ends up going to cat class is a couple of Chatty Kitty, Uncle Murray and a chicken wearing a cat costume.  Will she pass the test? Is she really a cat?

Ellie says: “I’d give it 1,000,000 stars.  I loved it.  It was funny.  My funniest part was when Bad Kitty tried to cheat and Chatty Kitty complained. It was really weird when the bird said, “Meow!”  My favorite part was how somehow Uncle Murray’s drivers’ license came out of an egg.”

I say that Bad Kitty books really don’t disappoint.  They are always amusing and fun.  This one was a very humorous and not too subtle critique of standardized testing as well as a book about Bad Kitty.  That’s something I can really get behind as a Mom, and it’s something that I think goes over the heads of my homeschooled kids just a little bit.



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