In Every Trial

Every week my church is sending out a weekly devotional.  In this devotional, you read through the Bible chapters that are given (with the goal of completing the Bible in a year), and there are just a few devotional thoughts.  These thoughts may or may not relate to the passage, but they are good food for thought.

Of course, it being January, we’re reading Genesis.  However, the devotionals this past week have been drawn from the book of Job. It was good timing this week because for four days, the devotional has focused on the four sides there are to every trial, and then used an example from the life of Job to illustrate the idea.

The four sides in any trial ended up being:

  1.  Your side
  2. Your friends/acquaintances side
  3. Satan’s side
  4. God’s side

All week, I had went through the devotional kind of blindly, thinking that it was okay.  I was thinking about how I knew these things, and that even though it was kind of self-explanatory it was kind of nice.

Then, I spent a night this week where I woke up early and couldn’t get back to sleep.  I was consumed by worry.  I was running budget numbers in my head that didn’t add up, and I was only seeing the struggle and not the victory.  Then, I began running my to-do list through my head and my grocery list, and as you might realize, I had no peace for the rest of the night/early morning.

The next morning, I got up and read about Joseph being thrown into prison and about him interpreting the dreams of the baker and the butler.  I read about how, even in prison, God was with him and prospered what he did.  Even when Joseph was in the midst of the struggle, God was with him and had a future prepared for him.

As I read the devotional, the words “If God isn’t sovereign in every way, He isn’t sovereign in any way” leapt off the page. I needed to make a reminder, so I spent most of the morning creating a reminder in my journal of that phrase.

Why did I need a reminder?

When I am in the midst of my troubles, I only see the struggle.  I never remember, in light of eternity, how small my troubles truly are. I forget that God is in control.   I forget that if I can trust God with the big things, like my eternal destiny, I can certainly trust him with my finances, to-do list and my parenting struggles. I am thankful that I can trust him, an I am thankful for this reminder.



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