Sunday Sharing

Welcome to Sunday Sharing!  It’s been a few weeks since I put one of these together, but this is one of my favorite places to share my favorite links and articles that I’ve read in the past week.

Starting off this week, I have Parents, Please Don’t Let Your Kids Watch Logan and Jake Paul.  One of the things that my children hate is that I will not let them watch You Tube without me or their father being there to supervise.  One of my children has even lost access to his iPad several times for watching unauthorized You Tube.  This article does a great job of explaining some of the reasons behind my “No unauthorized You Tube rule.” Of course, that’s just the outrage of the moment.  I love Blimey Cow’s The Bravest Video We Have Ever Made for their exploration of outrage.

Long-term blog readers know that I love Charles Spurgeon, so I just loved hearing a new detail about him in the article When Spurgeon was invited to preach at Barnum & Bailey Circus. 

Our church does Facebook live every Sunday.  I do appreciate being able to come back and catch up with the sermon each week, since I often serve in our KidzChurch.  However, I have concerns about podcasts and Facebook live.  Some of them are explored in the article How Podcasting Hurts Preaching.

One of the reasons why I haven’t blogged as much about homeschooling the past couple of years is that I had fallen into the trap of keeping up and allowing my worries to control my homeschooling, even though I had always promised myself I wouldn’t.  Back in March, I did a complete overhaul of our homeschooling, and we’re so much happier, and I feel like we’re starting to enjoy learning again.  So, I really could relate to The Homeschool Trap (and how we’re falling into it).  I’m also hoping to add some more homeschool related articles in this year.  I think I’m ready to begin sharing more about what is working (and what isn’t) for us.

The Proper View of Family (Are We Too “Inward Focused?”) came in my inbox at just the right time this week.  I have spent far too much of my life letting people make me feel guilty for focusing first on discipling my children, and I’ve even found myself pulled away from the mission that I know God called me to because I have allowed people in my life to make me feel guilty for the things that I’m not doing right now.

I was really touched by the testimony in Leaving Christianity.  I think it echoes the feeling that many of us have or have worked through when we have dreams that die, and our struggles to continue to have hope for the future.

If you’re raising children like I am, you might wonder When is My Child Mature Enough to Leave Home? I’ve got a few more years before any of mine launch out on their own, but these are marvelous goals for knowing when your child is ready.

“Anything worth doing is worth doing imperfectly” is a famous quote from G.K. Chesterton.  I loved the way this quote was used in Boys Around the Table as they chatted about children and our expectations.  Remember our goal is progress, not perfection.

I was really struck by a quote from the article In Defense (Somewhat) of Self-Help because it convicted me on how self-righteous I can be more often than from time to time.  I can only read this and say, “Ouch!”  That’s something that the past six months have truly taught me. One of the things I am having to slowly unlearn is the idea that having good theology is the most important thing in life. I cringe even as I write that sentence, because for years to even think a sentence like that indicated, I believed, a willingness to embrace bad theology. The only people who talked about moderating the importance of theology, I was convinced, were people who wanted me to believe the wrong thing. It turns out I was wrong on both counts. I also have to confess to being one of those people who might read self-help, but not really want to admit it because I don’t want to admit that I sometimes struggle to practically apply the gospel.

I find that one of the authors that encourages me most at this stage of life is Sally Clarkson.  There are many moms that will encourage you during the early years, but Clarkson has encouraged me during the middle not to give up or to grow weary in the good things I do in parenting.  So, her article this week Never, Never, Never give up your Ideals! You Sacrifice Matters! is an article I love.

Do you struggle to figure out who exactly wrote a multi-author non-fiction book?  Tim Challies gives a good guide to sorting it out on Deciphering the Covers of Christian Books.

I also listened to Is God Three or One? by the Knowing Faith podcast this week. Every time I try to use an analogy for the trinity, I find myself veering into heresy or confusion. Here they explain why we need to ditch the analogies and how we can use the word trinity as a synonym for God.

That’s all for this week!  Hope you have a great week!!


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