Benefits of Studying Systematic Theology

So, I’m still in the introduction of the text Biblical Doctrine.  I might be parked here for a long time, so I’m just settling in and enjoying the ride.  My ten year old asked me a couple  of days ago if I planned on finishing this book in my lifetime.  I told her it would be okay either way because what I’m reading blesses me. 🙂

Tonight I was going to share the benefits that MacArthur and Mayhue see for studying systematic theology.  So, here they are:

  1. An unabridged collection of biblical truth
  2. An orderly synthesis and summation of biblical doctrine
  3. An imperative to take the gospel to the ends of the earth
  4. A repository of truth for expositional preaching and teaching
  5. A scriptural basis for Christian behavior in the church, the home, and the world
  6. A defense of biblical doctrine against false teaching
  7. A biblical response to ethical and social malpractice in the world

These benefits, if true, are a very good reason to study systematic theology.  I think, of all of these, number six, the defense of biblical doctrine against false teaching is the benefit I’m most excited about.  I feel like there are some secondary areas that I find myself being tossed about by, agreeing with the most recent argumentation that I have read or heard preached. I’m really on a search for clarity in some areas.  The other areas, though are very good benefits, and I’m hoping that this journey in studying systematic theology will be extremely beneficial.


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