I love quiet times of study.  I love to dig into the scripture.  I love to find out more about word meaning, make connections and dig into cross-references and commentaries.  Sometimes, I think that’s all the Bible study I need.

However, I soon find that I am wrong.  I have stayed attached to a parachurch Bible study for eight years now because of the power of studying the Bible together. As I study through specific books of the Bible with my sisters in Christ, I find my understanding of the scripture becomes more enriched and more balanced towards a focus on the very words of scripture instead of my own personal biases.

That’s one of the beauties of the church.  Meeting regularly with other believers sharpens and encourages your own spiritual growth.

Because the Bible study that I attend has a homeschool component, my children are able to study right along with me in workbooks geared for their own level.  Only my youngest, the six year old, is not able to study along with me.

This year we’re studying Genesis, and we’re just really getting started.  It’s an exciting time at the beginning of the Bible study and the novelty of discussing each passage times four during the day to complete my own Bible studies and to discuss our studies individually with my children hasn’t worn off yet.

This week we were discussing Genesis chapter 1, and creation.  As I worked with my ten year old on one of the middle days of our studies we were discussing God’s words and how God had spoke the universe into creation.

My workbook shares several cross-references to look up on the power of God’s words at that time.  However, Emalee’s book was more open-ended, asking simply, “What does that tell you about how God created everything?”


Because of my cross-references, I had certain expectations for how this question was “supposed” to be answered, so I was blown away when my daughter answered, that to her, what it tells her was how specific God was in his creation.

After much thought, I had to concede what a powerful answer my daughter had come up with.  Everything that God created turned out exactly as he expected it to, and it all turned out good.  There wasn’t anything in God’s creation that he didn’t want to be there.

The other day, I was talking to the children about something, and I said, but I don’t know why God created it the way that he did.  His purpose was something that I couldn’t understand yet.

Still, I know that it has a purpose.  Everything God allows into my life has a purpose, and it is specifically designed for me.

I am thankful for that, and it reminds me to rest in God’s sovereignty.  This is a lesson that God has been teaching me for a while, and it looks like I’m still working on it.  I’m thankful that he has a specific plan in mind for me to as he works in my life.


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