Some Days

We often homeschool in the most relaxed manner possible.  A little bit of math, a dab of reading practice, some field trips, some Bible memorization, looking at great paintings, singing great songs and reading great books are the core of what we do.  We also do a little bit of oral narration and a little bit of written.

Most of the time, I don’t think about what we do as school.  We often leave the house once or twice a week for a field trip, a lecture or an outside class.

Somehow for three weeks recently, I had some time without any scheduled field trips or lectures.  It was incredibly refreshing for this introvert, and I felt like we got a ton done.

Maybe we got too much done.

My seven year old suddenly declared one day that he had learned so much that his head was about to explode.

head explode

That got me thinking about myself and learning.  A wise mentor in my Bible study group was talking the other day about “receiving God’s word.”  She was reminding us that we must “receive every word” of the scriptures.

I often am not “receiving” because I am bombarded.  I have a little bit of this and that going on.  I read a book, do a Bible study, read some commentaries, listen to podcasts, hear devotions and sermons, listen to my Bible study group’s learning, read blog posts and find that my head is spinning.

Sometimes I think my head might explode.

There’s so much input that I feel like my head might explode.

I can put so much input in my life that I actually drown out what God is trying to tell me through his words.

Some days I find that I can’t hear him when I do that.

Some days I make resolutions to meditate on just a few things in a day.

Some days I actually succeed.

This is when his word comes alive and it speaks to me.

When Connor said that his head was about to explode, I didn’t truly understand it.

Then, I realized that I was living that feeling of, as the current expression goes, “drinking from the fire hydrant” in my own spiritual life.

Some days I must turn the volume down.

Some days less is better.

Some days just a couple of verses, when mediated on throughout the day, are better for me than all the books and podcasts that I could ever listen to.


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