A couple of weeks ago I was at church and the pastor peached on worship.  He actually preached from Mark chapter nine on the transfiguration.  He went through the transfiguration, its meaning then made the statement that Peter wanted to prolong his mountaintop experience and turn it into a permanent experience.

That’s the way we always do.  We have an excellent VBS week, an amazing youth camp, or a seriously successful mission trip, and we want to make it into a plateau to amp up our spiritual growth.  However, we always come down from the mountain.  Of course, the reason why is that the mountaintop experiences are so important.  They prepare us for the spiritual battle of our everyday life.  They give us the glimpses of God that get us through the mundane and the times when it is difficult to see the light ahead.

The point here is that our spiritual experiences matter.  They apply the spiritual knowledge that we have in our heads into our hearts.  We enter into the worship experience and find that we are changed and that we are able to commune with God in a way that shows us his power.

Music is often a way to enter into worship, and I feel that way very strongly.  However, I find that the way that I most often feel worshipful is when I create art in my Bible or art journal.

Sometimes I’ve felt embarrassed over that, like my drawings are silly or irreverent.  Sometimes that’s from the questions other people ask.  Other times, it’s from the blogs I read that are dismissive of Bible journaling as a hobby or way of worship.

I’m against forms of worship that are not Biblical.  Do not get me wrong here.  However, Biblical expressions of worship can still have many, varied expressions depending on our creativity.  So, I find that I’m happier with the realization that I can use my art to worship God.

In that spirit, here’s a piece I made this week to remind myself to pray without ceasing.  I often forget to pray until I’m really desperate or I’m feeling guilty or super needy.  I’ve been slowly learning that the key to revival in my life is to learn to keep my thoughts constantly turning to God and to conversation with him in prayer.



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