Sunday Sharing

Welcome to Sunday Sharing!  It is here that I share my favorite articles and videos from this week.

First up is God Made You A Writer.  I love the acknowledgement of how God has given us that desire to write because he wrote to us. There are also some great guidelines here between public and private writing, many of which I need to adhere better to.

I really like the 4 Lies that Cause Pastors to Neglect their Families.  These can really apply to anyone in ministry.

I also really like Training Children: The Life Work.  I don’t always get it right, but I’m always working, even when the little one is really, really cute, and I don’t want to discipline her.

I am constantly in a pull over the value of technology and “the way we used to do things.”  I think part of it is a pull of generations as I grew up in a generation where digital became popular as I was a teenager.  My children are digital natives and don’t question the value of all things digital, so I enjoyed The Rise of Digital Technologies and the Decline of Reading.

I am guilty of committing about all the errors in Watch Your Language! 10 Christians Terms that Need to be Cleaned Up.  I’ve been working really hard to clean it up because the Christianese often seems easier than being clear, but that doesn’t make it right.

I appreciated John MacArthur’s response to Charlottesville.  I don’t think that we give enough credit to the power of our wicked human hearts and how it plays out in our society.

I find articles like Declining Interest in History Hits Museums Like Colonial Williamsburg Hard to be disturbing to me as a lover of history.  Perhaps if Americans were better students of history there would be fewer things such as the Charlottesville protests.

I am against “mom guilt,” but I still struggle with it.  I was encouraged by the article Moms, Let’s Stop Drinking the Kool-Aid to examine how often I make decisions for my children based either on my idea that I can control their physical health and wellbeing if I do everything right or my fear of not being accepted by my more pushy natural health fanatic friends.

Loved the piece Cheerios, Transience, Sticky Fingers and Righteousness.  I have felt many times recently like I could make do with a lot fewer cheerios in my head.  I also have difficulty deciding whether to engage or disengage and dealing with the transience that is life, and this article speaks to that feeling.

Kindness is something that I often wish I showed more of, and have even prayed to show more of.  So, I enjoyed reading The Overlooked Gift of Kindness, and getting ideas of ways to show kindness to others.

I needed Why We Must Emphasize A Pastor’s Character Over His Skill.  I thank God for inspiring this article.

I could relate to Husband Feels the Call to Pastor, Wife is Reluctant.  It so happens that a couple of years ago, my husband was asked to take over the children’s ministry at our former church.  I was reluctant, and he said he wouldn’t take it.  He is a people pleaser though, and he came home from a church meeting a little over a year ago as our new children’s minister. His pressures at work increased, much of his time to unwind from work was spent working his second, unpaid job in children’s ministry, and he found that meetings and things like that were often invading the very time that he had promised me would be for me and the children.  I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that we had not been called to that role, and although I did what I could to support him, I did not have the time or the ability to take on the work that was needed. . .His spiritual energy was so sapped that much of the time he struggled to pick up a Bible. He didn’t have the time he needed to be the leader in our home. It just wasn’t a good situation, and we are both thankful that he is free of it. So, this article struck a chord.

That’s all for this week!  Hope your Labor Day weekend (if you’re here in the U.S.) is a wonderful one.


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