Sunday Sharing

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Sharing, where I share my favorite articles and videos that I encountered this week.

First up, is Ten Things You Should Know About The Sovereignty of God. Lately, I’ve struggled with some stress in my life, and one of the things I’ve taken comfort in is God’s sovereignty, so I really enjoyed this article.

Something I did this week was to Turn Off You Push Notifications. All of Them.  I had been struggling with using my new phone more than I’ve used a phone in a long time.  Too much distraction.  So, instead of allowing my phone addition to grow, I turned off all my notifications except my phone, Facebook messenger, my texts, and my Red Cross Tornado app.  It’s completely freeing.

I turned around recently and realized that there’s only one more “little” kid in the house now, and she’s not that little anymore.  Grieving the End of the Little Years was a good reminder that the feelings I’ve been having are normal for this stage.

Sometimes I am much with activity making and my piles of books to read and things to do, but I don’t actually choose to invest in the things that matter–in the things that are part of the call that God has given to me.  Making Choices That Invest in Eternity was a welcome reminder to put aside my “stuff” to invest in my children and the others that cross my path.

I love When the Words Don’t Come to You, Pray Anyway because I sometimes don’t pray because I don’t know what to say.  I don’t know how to ask or what is really in my heart about an issue.  I need encouragement to pray even then because I often come out of prayer clearer about what is actually in my heart that when I start praying.  Speaking of this topic, one my favorite songs right now is When I Don’t Know What To Do.  He’s the one I can always go to, even when I don’t know what to do.

I’ve been slowly listening through all the podcasts of When We Understand the Text.  It’s a labor of enjoyment but I find myself falling further and further behind as Pastor Hughes posts 5 podcasts a week, and because of other podcasts and sermons and books, I often only listen to a couple of podcasts each week.  Today, I wanted to specifically point out episode 15 which is a wrap-up of the main points of several podcasts as being quite outstanding.  The key point that I really wanted to take away from it is how Christ sanctified each part of the human experience (from conception to natural death) by experiencing them each himself.  I also love Hughes handling of predestination here.  Both points of this podcast are powerful.

Is Satan Stealing Our Families? has been making the rounds on Facebook, and it’s good that it has because it’s a powerful questioning of the addiction to busyness and media within which most of us live our lives.

Another article I’ve seen making the rounds through my friends’ Facebook pages is Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?  I’m not a fan of teens on social media, and this article has some interesting statistical data that makes me feel like my instinct is a good thing.

I totally get Golden Girls go Sonny & Cher: A Story of Sanctification.  I am often amazed and horrified when I look back on the things I approved of and my desires as a young person and see how God has changed me.

I love Why I’m Not Allowing Laptops in My Seminary Class.  There’s no reason to take notes by computer or to be on your phone in class, so not having them in the classroom is a great policy.

I also love the article What Does Your Kindergartener Need to Know?  My youngest child just finished kindergarten, and we did not spend the year focusing on academics.  We read books together.  She counted and did puzzles.  She learned a couple of card games. She drew pictures of things that I had read. She colored.  We did lots of fun field trips together.  I let her help me some in the kitchen.  We did a little phonics and a little addition and subtraction (mostly with counting objects or fingers), and she’s starting to pick up a few words that she recognizes.  Mostly we just just had a happy year.  And over time, I have learned that that is enough.

That’s it for this week’s Sunday Sharing!  Hope you have a great week!!


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