Sunday Sharing

Welcome to Sunday sharing!  It is here that I share my favorite articles and videos that I’ve found across the internet this week!!

First up is Do You Wait Like a Woman of Faith? My gut answer here is that I do not.  Instead, I tend to let stress and worry eat me alive, and it’s something I’m trying to change as I put my trust in the Lord.

One of the things that has helped me this week is listening to John MacArthur’s Anxiety-Free Living broadcasts.  They have been very helpful to me in helping me to struggle a little less with the anxiety that has been plaguing me.

I really enjoyed this article on The Biblical Solution to Unproductively and Laziness.  In fact, it inspired me to pick up the book that it is drawn upon.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen the correlation between laziness and selfishness quite so clearly, so I’m looking forward to reading the book.

I read this post on How to Enjoy Homeschooling…(just because we can!)  and realized I needed to make sure that I was taking time to stop and enjoy the children.  We often eschew bookwork for trips and activities,but it’s not aways to build relationships.  I’m really working on ridding myself of the weight of anxiety that I have put on over the ears.  Reminding myself of relationships is part of what I need to do to to help myself along the path.

I think we all run the risk of failing to distinguish between Biblical and superficial nonconformity, and it makes us do silly things to say we’re not conforming with the world.  This video on How to Be a Biblical Nonconformist is quite helpful.

I often feel guilty because I don’t have a “God-sized” dream.  My main dream right now is to homeschool my children well.  If I could get my house clean and organized, I would love it too (but I’m not looking so good on that front).  I also dream that I will help my Community Bible Study students and the others that I am around see salvation and maturing in their relationships with God.  I dream of salvation for some extended family members and healing in some broken relationships.  I often feel like I should be hoping for more and like I might be a failure as a Christian for not having that world-changing dream.  So I really appreciated the post Let’s Stop Supersizing “Our Dreams”.  I needed the reminder that the goal is to follow Jesus and his commands, not to heap guilt on myself or feel like my life isn’t worthy because I’m not currently called to do something huge.

Found this article and video on The Downgrade Controversy to be quite interesting.  I’d never actually heard of it by name, but I can see it all around me, especially in ministry targeted to young people.

I used to participate in a lot of “ladies Bible studies” that were invariably based on a famous Bible study.  I would find that, instead of talking about the scripture, the ladies in Bible study group would talk about the Bible study author, about her words, and about her ideas.  Anything that takes my focus off the Bible as part of Bible study is not something I should be involved in, so I appreciated the article When Women’s Ministries Abandon the Bible.

If you’re confused about which direction to take on something and how to follow God, the advice in God Doesn’t Talk to Me is very helpful.

Something else that I’ve found helpful is Learn to Discern: How Do You Determine What is True, Right and Good?.  I had never really considered the effect of pragmatism on the church, but I have heard a lot of pragmatic arguments in my life.  I’ve even been guilty of making some.

I’ve been thinking a lot about contentment lately.  So, the article Frugality Begins in Contentment was a real treat.  I like to think of myself as content, but my spending habits don’t always track with that.

That’s about it for this Sunday!  Hope you guys are having a great day!!


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