The Little Things

When we had Vacation Bible School a couple of months ago, Ellie came home so excited each and every night.  She loved everything about Bible school.  She loved the offering, the videos, the lessons, the games, the crafts and dinner.  However, one night was the most exciting night for her.  She came home and told me that the next night she had the privilege of carrying the Bible during pledge time.

bible holder

The next night, Ellie chose her outfit with care, and was nearly bursting with excitement when her Daddy took her to Vacation Bible School.  I had taken Bennett to Tae Kwon Do, and knew I wouldn’t be there.  My mom was volunteering in the kitchen, so she took pictures.

You might can see my little Bible carrier right in the middle of the picture above.  You might notice that she isn’t smiling.  In fact, she is pretending not to pay attention to the taking of the photographs.  After all, she wouldn’t want to be distracted from the serious portion of her job by her Nana’s need to take pictures.

This is one of the things that I love most about Ellie.  She takes all the “little things” that she is responsible for seriously.  When she takes on a job, she plans on carrying it through to completion.  She talks about it.  She does it right.

She doesn’t always take on the jobs I would have her to take on.  We’re still working on attention and a couple of other habits.  Sometimes, when she fails to take on one of my tasks, I am reminded that because of our differing perspectives, these tasks are the “little things” to her.

I hope, and I pray that I don’t treat her big things like their the “little things.” I want her to know that all her things, even the things that I would consider small, if they are important to her, then they are important to me.


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