Sunday Sharing

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Sharing!  It’s here that I share my favorite articles and videos that I found on the web this week.

First up is 12 Marks of Excellent Pastoral Ministry.  This excellent summation of a John MacArthur sermon had me writing it into one of the blank pages in my interleaved Bible.     MacArthur is also an excellent example of a minister, so that makes the summation even better.

Also, as part of Tim Challies’ series on The Godly Man’s Picture,  he posted an excellent article on The Damning Devastation of a Single Coddled Sin.  As time goes along, I’m enjoying reading the Puritans more and more.  I’m sure it’s due to the efforts of modern writers like Challies to get us to read these godly men of times past.

Soul Care for Exhausted Young Mothers is great advice for a mom with children of any age, but if you’re in that especially wearying age of babies and toddlers, you should go take a listen to this one.

I have ordered two books from Amazon this week for my own reading edification.  I pressed order on one of them after reading a little excerpt in the article Satan’s “Nothing” Strategy.   I recently went back to the iPhone after having a break from a smartphone of several years and I am alarms at how quickly I went back to being “attached” to my phone, and how much time I’ve wasted with it.  This article is like a douse of good, cold water.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one who struggles with occasional periods of doubt.  The article Waves of Doubt provided some reassurance for me.

As a mom, I really find such things as the recent Teen Vogue article shattering.  Why? Because I don’t really want to believe that sexual perversion is as prevalent in our culture as it obviously is.  It’s a hard read, but I really appreciated Denny Burk’s Standing Against a Destructive Misogyny Threatening Our Children.  Closely, and painfully related is The Face of Modern Child Neglect.  We have opted against smartphones for the kids. We have opted against phones at all for them until they have jobs.  It’s still difficult to keep them away from other peoples’ phones and to regulate tablets in such a way as to be protective without being stifling.

Sometimes, instead of comparing myself to God’s standard, I fall into the trap of comparing myself to the world, and I look pretty good.  Color Catcher is an excellent article at pointing out so many of the ways I fail in relation to God’s standard.  Often I don’t realize how sinful I am until it is pointed out.  I needed this message!

Related to that is the article Don’t Be a Do-Gooder.  Here we are helped to stop and reflect on the difference between doing good works and cultivating goodness as a fruit of the spirit.  It’s good stuff.

I read lot.  Sometimes I read very widely and eclectically.  So, I really enjoyed The Case for Reading Widely this week.  It reminded me that it’s okay to read lots of different types of books.  She draws on Secret Teacher: We’re Not Reading as inspiration for her article, and this article is a worthy read in its own right.  Don’t forget to model the habits you want your children to develop!

This article on Eugene Peterson’s Predicament really strikes a chord with me because of the many times I’ve softened God’s word or been silent when called upon for an opinion on God’s Word that I knew wasn’t going to be seen favorably.  No one likes when someone tries to play both sides of the fence.  You have to wonder when you do that whether or not you’re serving God or yourself.

What are some practical ways to let God’s Word abide in you?  The article If My Words Abide in You is so good that I printed it out for highlighting and note taking.

I couldn’t help but feel conviction as I read Don’t Be a Superstitious Christian.  There are several superstitions that I picked up without even realizing it, and now I feel a little ashamed of how I have been trying to control things in my Christian life.  Oops!

That’s all for this week!  Hope you’re having a great weekend!!


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