Sunday Sharing

Welcome to Sunday Sharing!  It is here that I share my favorite articles and videos of the week.

First up this week is Unfruitful Branches.  I’ve been following along in the Doorposts John 15 Bible study this month, and thought that this post was a great help in interpreting the tricky phrase in John 15:2, where it says, Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away. Foster shares two common interpretations of that phrase and spends a little time having Bible study participants research some cross-references on eternal security. It’s a nice little study for that tricky verse.

One of my favorite songs right now is Good Good Father, and I found myself listening to this version some this week.  I don’t always like songs that repeat the same words over and over, but this one is one that I do like.

July 4th was a couple of weeks ago, but I happened across this Top 10 4th of July Twisted Scriptures this week, and I found it to be very helpful.  Many of these, I hadn’t thought about how they had been taken out of their context to be applied to the United States, but I can see it clearly now!

I have been studying Genesis in preparation for teaching it to a bunch of teenagers at Community Bible Study this year.  So, I loved this little piece by Spurgeon on Light and Darkness.  May I never try to unite that which God has separated.

It’s a very long read, but the article Is Wonder Woman a Good Example of Biblical Womanhood? definitely shares some ideas and some of the history of Wonder Woman in a light that I think is worthy of consideration.  As a side note, I’m constantly wondering when the Christian trend of trying to redeem everything for Christianity is going to end. Some things are just not compatible with our Christian worldview.

One of the articles that I found very convicting this week was Sloth Doesn’t Just Mean Sleep.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve avoided the hard work of organizing my house, cleaning or doing other things I knew needed to be done for extra Bible study, reading or writing.  It’s not that those things were bad.  It’s that those were not the things I was supposed to be doing in that time and place.

Loved the post Marriage is Not About You; Divorce is All About You because it reminds us  how the focus on ourselves and our own pleasure is often a key cause to relationship problems within our family.

Do you sometimes feel addicted to your smartphone?  I know I do.  That is why I could relate so much to the What We Learned from the Roller Coaster Incident from Blimey Cow.  I broke a phone a few months ago and had to get a new phone.  I had a long 5-6 hours of feeling disconnected from everyone and everything in the meantime.

I was a little alarmed this week by the fact that Teen Vogue had released on article that was a how-to guide to anal sex for teens.  Sometimes there’s just proof that the world without Christ is a horrifying place.  The articles There is a Better Way to Experience Sexuality, and Christian Parents Need to Be Talking About It is a nice counterpoint, and a reminder to me that it is my job to present a Biblical view of sexuality to my children.  My oldest is twelve, and he is embarrassed by the very mention of it all.  Still, we have to keep having the embarrassing conversations or else the world will give him a sex education I don’t mean for him to have.

The children’s ministry at the church that I attend is having talks about a revamping of our children’s ministry.  As someone who works in children’s ministry, I have found it alarming that each discussion sounds more and more as if they are focused on entertaining the children, and not as worried about worship.  This distresses me because I have found that if worship is not intentional, then worship doesn’t happen.  In that spirit, I much appreciated this article on Entertainment and Worship.  A key quote from the article that makes me think of my church is: Some try to balance the two in the name of reaching more people with the gospel, but there is an inescapable danger in overvaluing entertainment and implementing it in corporate worship.

Well, that’s about all for this week.  You might have noticed that I’m blogging again.  I dealt with some emotional distress (no worries, nothing huge) during the spring and I just didn’t feel like writing.  A couple of weeks ago, I read Tim Challies’ article Slogging Blogging, and it reminded me that some days, when I’m not feeling it, that if I’ll just start typing, I will find myself becoming inspired.  I have so many things I want to write now that I have started writing again that it is as if I have never taken a blogging break.


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