Introvert Homeschooling Extroverts

I’m an introvert.  I like nothing better than spending the day with my books and my journals, and I could just stay home and never leave if left to my own devices.

However, I have learned over the past couple of years that homeschooling is not about me.  I have also learned that at least two of my children need to get out of the house and go on adventures or they feel claustrophobic.

So, we’ve been getting out more.  We’ve been going on field trips.  I’ve been trying to socialize from time to time with other Moms without spending all my time on my phone, playing on Facebook or Instagram.

It’s hard.

Very hard.

I found myself laughing this week while reading Elizabeth Peters book, Naked Once More. (I think it’s out of print, but I got it at a Library book sale.) In the book, the main character is discussing her press appearances with her agent, and she breaks makes this awesome observation.

Writing is supposed to be for introverts. If you like people, you aren’t supposed to become a writer. You’re supposed to become an actor or a nurse or an insurance salesman or a—

I found myself laughing and thinking that I had obviously chosen the wrong career field. After all, I am a deep introvert, and I am surrounded all day by four little people. Not just that, but these four little people are always on the move, learning and making friends wherever we go.

However, being surrounded by them is a blessing, even if I sometimes have a need to recharge with a book or on the computer writing.  I have learned to find joy in  the every day with those I love.

I have also been stretched and I have grown so much as a result of homeschooling. I think that my obedience to my convictions in homeschooling has been God’s way of sanctifying me, and of making me into a much more well-rounded and loving person.  I wouldn’t have been that person without being surrounded by kids everyday.

Dying to self is dying to my desires and denying my wants and first choices for my love of Christ, even when some days my love of others is running low, and that is what homeschooling is teaching me, even on days I need to leave the room for just a second to breathe.

This is a recent photo I took of three of my children, acting up in line, making silly faces and trying to entertain themselves as we waited for a presentation to start.  Any my fourth child? He had walked away to talk to a new friend that he had made the week before on a different trip.

It wasn’t my first pick for spending a morning, but it was fun, and I’m glad we went 🙂  I just got up a little early to spend quiet time to myself to charge up for the fun day.  That’s how you homeschool as an introvert.  You sneak in those quiet times for recharging when the opportunities arise.

waiting in line


2 thoughts on “Introvert Homeschooling Extroverts

    1. I knew some of us were in this together! LOL . . . We’ve been on the go all summer, and I told the kids yesterday that I needed a couple of weeks to just be at home and recover and plan for the fall 🙂

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