Sunday Sharing

Hi!  Welcome to Sunday Sharing!  This is the post where I share some of the internet articles, You Tube videos and other things that have interested me this week.

First off is The Parable of Anthony Weiner’s iPhone. The author asks the question of whether or not Weiner would have committed the crimes that he did if it wasn’t for the ease of committing them using his phone.  I really like the article because it raises a valid question about how our technology and our phones affect our lives.  I can attest that every time I look over at my phone, I check it out for notifications, whether it’s been a minute or an hour since he last time I checked it.  Phones become an extension of us, and that’s not always a good thing.

Another article that I encountered recently and loved was The REAL Cost of Having Children.  This article ponders whether or not children are truly worth the cost and who can afford having children.  It’s really good stuff.

Sometimes, we want to make peace with the more liberal culture, and we might even change the doctrines of Christ to do that. Friendly Theological Liberalism is a look at some times in church history when thinkers have attempted to adapt Christianity to the culture and the results it causes, leading the author to posit, “So let us understand that our task is to remain faithful, not to save the faith. And let us give thanks that we have received and embraced the doctrines the Lord has entrusted to us.”

Another very helpful article I read this week was 3 Reasons Preachers Shouldn’t Publicly Contradict a Bible Translation.  I think sometimes, in our rush to favor certain Bible translations, we forget that those who worked on those translations were real language scholars who wanted to get things right.  This has been a really convicting article for me, and I suggest that those who read this article also read the comments because there’s great insight there as well. (In light of full disclosure, I got to a KJV only church, and I am seriously struggling with translation issues right now, and this was such a balm to my soul.)

Love this post on Angered At and Angry With.  I am also not a typically angry person, but when provoked, I am surprised by what comes out of me.  Learning not to respond with anger is definitely something I need the Holy Spirit to help control in me!

Grace and the Pursuit of Holiness describes two different and equally detrimental extremes that people can fall into.  I am guilty of occasionally falling into both (at different times of course)!

I also found myself loving the post A Heart Exposed by Clever Words.  I often feel compelled to write, not sure what is going to be the end result. However, if it’s not going to honor God, and if the focus is solely on “my own greatness,” it would be better not to write at all. I pray I can have the right things in my heart.

That’s about it for this week!  If you’ve got a great article to recommend for me, just leave it in the comments, and I’m sure I’ll get around to reading it soon!


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