Sunday Sharing

Welcome to Sunday Sharing! It is here that I share my favorite articles, news, and videos that I encountered this week.

First up is Questions to Ask Yourself in Hard Times. I didn’t understand how, when I started to take prayer and my job as a wife and mother seriously, with the care it truly deserves, that I would be under spiritual warfare.  Keeping our home for the glory of God is tough, and this post came to me at an excellent time.

I always enjoy Alastair Roberts’ writing, and this article on Bill Nye, Progressive Science and the Threat of Nature is no exception. I hope that I have the courage to be a person of truth rather than cooperating with the new ideology, and he reminds us here that the truth and natural morality are on our side.

We hold that God’s word alone is our authority, and we hold that any Christian can read and understand God’s word for themselves. So, how do we decide which bloggers to follow and what sources of “truth” and teaching to hold onto? Often, online voices seem like a popularity contest, and Christianity Today’s Who’s in Charge of the Christian Blogosphere? raises some interesting questions, and examines how we got to the place we are. Here’s a key quote from this article that I think expresses the crisis that we are currently in:

The church has said for millennia that bad teaching is more deadly than bad surgery. Now we have an influx of teachers who become so by the stroke of a key. The need for formal structures of training, hierarchy, and accountability in medical schools and medical boards is obvious because we don’t want our doctors to simply be popular or relatable; we want them to practice medicine correctly and truthfully, participate in a medical tradition broader than themselves, and serve under the authority and oversight of others. We need to be as discerning in whom we trust with care of souls as we are with care of our bodies.

This article on Netflix’s Biggest Competition reminds me that my life is not meant to be spent on entertainment.  (Not that some entertainment is a bad thing, but moderation is key.) I was floored by the transparency on the part of Netflix, and by the far reaching implications for me.  Here’s a key quote:

These companies are not competing to vanquish one another as much as they are competing to fill our every waking moment. Our need to close our eyes is their greatest limitation, because at the end of the day we will still come to the end of the day. Eventually, we have to turn off our screens to sleep.

I don’t want my every waking moment to be filled by Netflix.

I also found Wordliness: A rich person’s problem? to be an excellent read.  For a long time I assumed I didn’t have a problem with money because I didn’t have any.  Then I would realize that I was lying awake at night, continually running numbers, constantly obsessed over whether or not I would have money left for groceries or what ever it was that I wanted/needed.  I realized that my obsession with money, and the way I would hoard it up, would be very dangerous signs of a love of money.

At any rate, here is what I’ve found recently to be of great value to me on the internet.  Hope that all my American readers are having a great Memorial Day weekend!!


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