Charlotte’s Web Movie Night

We’ve been loosely following Ambleside Online’s schedule for year one since the first of the year.  I have two year one students, so this has worked out great, and I have been able to creatively incorporate my older two (upper elementary/early middle school age) children with the same material.   It really deserves its own post, and maybe one day I’ll write it.

At any rate, as part of our homeschool time, we’ve been reading Charlotte’s Web. This is such a sweet book, and it’s perfect for early elementary.  After we finished the book, we decided that we would have a movie night to celebrate finishing the book.  So, we watched the animated Charlotte’s Web movie and made some movie themed food.

We started with the most major project.  We made chocolate cupcakes and decorated them.

Decorating Cup Cakes

Emalee especially worked a bunch on cutting out marshmallow noses and wafer cookie ears.

making noses

When they were finished, we felt like they looked pretty cute, and we called them Wilbur cupcakes. Emalee, Connor and Ellie all worked on different aspects of these cupcakes.

Wilbur Cupcakes

I set Bennett to work on his own project.  He began to cut up hot dogs. I was a little concerned about him.  His knife skills might just be a little shaky.

Cutting the hot dogs

When he was finished with his creation, they were cute little hot dog spiders.

Hot dog spiders

We needed more than that, so we also made spaghetti as our main dish.  We dubbed it spiderweb spaghetti.  The kids decided to call the meatballs Charlotte’s egg sac meatballs.  I thought it sounded a little gross, but if you’ve read the story, you know that her egg sac plays a big role in the ending of the book.

Spiderweb spaghetti

I had forgotten how much fun the themed movie nights are.  It’s been a while since we had one.  The kids were also glued to the animated film because it was Connor and Ellie’s first time seeing it.

We started reading Peter Pan yesterday, so we’re hoping that maybe next month we’ll be able to have a movie night with it as well.  It was certainly a good hands-on project to involve all the children in working on to finish up our read-aloud!!


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