Sunday Sharing

Welcome to Sunday Sharing! It is here that I share the articles, videos and other things that have touched me the most this week.

First off is 7 Reasons School is Not an Option for My Homeschooled Kids. School is not an option for my children either, so it was refreshing to read this article! While you’re on Shelly’s page, be sure to check out 50 Reasons Why Homeschooling is Better Than School and 25 More Reasons Why Homeschooling is Better Than School. I’m always surprised when the things I take for granted about homeschooling are things that you lose when you send your child to school.

While I’m writing about Shelly’s work, check out her video, Are Hands-On Homeschool Activities Really Just Busywork?. This is something that I’ve gone back-and-forth on. I started out very pro-activities, and then went through a stage where I felt they were just busywork. I’ve since decided that field trips and hands-on activities can be very helpful experiences in homeschooling, and I’ve worked on carefully choosing just a few right ones, so that we don’t get overwhelmed.  Sometimes, when we first started homeschooling, we sacrificed learning for activities, so I’m very careful of the balance in having them and the choices that we have to make. What are your thoughts?

I have seen many people grow weary in their calling from the Lord and give up.  I especially see homeschool moms give up on homeschooling because it gets hard, and because the road ahead is weary.  So, When You Hit a Wall, Breathe! & A New Podcast, was a very gentle (but stern shot of encouragement for me.  Here’s a quote from my favorite section:

Many young women I have known who started out their journey in marriage and motherhood strong, are in the midst of justifying bad decisions to quit their ideals based on the voices of other friends who are also compromising. And their friends are encouraging them to compromise and convincing them it will be ok. I see all sorts of ridiculous messages all over facebook, the internet and on blogs where people give each other all sorts of permission to give up their ideals. 

By the way, that article comes with a podcast.  Make sure you listen to the podcast too because there’s great advice on this topic in the podcast!

As I notice things about my children, one of the things I’ve been alarmed by recently is how often they are not able to entertain themselves without having the television or a video game going. Because of this, I found myself agreeing with every word of How Screens are Hurting Kids’ Imaginations. It is certainly a problem, and I’m working hard at ideas and ways to make my like, and my children’s lives, less dependent on the screens we all love.

Serious Bible study is not for the faint of heart.  It’s so much easier to read someone else’s interpretation of the Bible, but then we miss out on one of life’s biggest blessings.  A bit of encouragement comes from Sister, You Can Do Hard Things. Just because it’s hard, does not mean that it’s not the most important work that you can do.

That’s about it for this week. Hope you find these links encouraging! I know I haven’t really written this week on the blog.  I’ve been feeling very down, and that makes it difficult to write. Hope to be back to writing soon!


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