Sunday Sharing

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Sharing!  It is here that I share my favorite internet reading and watching from this week.

I’m starting off my sharing How My Dyslexic Son Became a Writer. I also have found that adapting aspect’s Julie Bogart’s Brave Writer philosophy into our home has helped my children’s writing by allowing me to see their writing as more than just their reading levels, grammar, spelling and mechanics.

One of the arguments against unsupervised homeschooling that I have frequently bought into is that it allows abuse to occur that wouldn’t have occurred otherwise (despite the fact that I am surrounded by loving and happy families of homeschoolers).  As I see more and more news stories about the state of foster care and abuses at school, I honestly doubt the intellectual honesty of this argument.  Child Welfare and State Supervision of Homeschools is a could counterpoint against that argument.

I also often feel like I have wasted my education or that I am somehow inferior when someone asks me what my job is (and I don’t have one other than care of my children).  So, I found the article, No, Stay At Home Moms Don’t “Waste” Their Education to be very affirming.

You might remember that I recently wrote about how my indwelling sin affects my parenting, If you found that article helpful, you might also find this article on how Parenting is First About My Sin to be helpful. I know I did!!

I shared some articles a couple of weeks ago about the prosperity gospel.  I found the article Not Your Mom’s Prosperity Gospel to be a great compliment to my thoughts about it and dos insidious it is and how quickly we can step into prosperity type thinking.

For a lot of years I would hear other ladies and Bible studies teachers using “God told me. . . ” talk.  At the time I felt like a second-class Christian and not very spiritual.  However, I have since learned and realized that the Bible is truly all I need to ever hear from God, and the only way that I can be sure God is truly communicating with me, so I was very encouraged when I read the article Basic Training: The Bible is Sufficient this week.

The children and I spent an entire afternoon listening to songs relating to Psalm 91 and looking for our favorite song was this one by Sonicflood.  I wanted to add it to my Amazon music playlist.  Only I found that it’s not on Amazon music.

I’ve been feeling discouraged recently, as a mom in general and also as a homeschool mom.  Realizing that I’m halfway through homeschooling my oldest has triggered doubt and introspection at the things I feel I’ve failed at in the first half of his schooling. I so needed to read this article, called This is Why You’re Not Failing as a Homeschool Mom.  I also find, in addition to her reasons, that I fail to factor in how the things that we choose to do in our homeschool mean that we won’t do the other things that I often castigate myself for.  One day I need to write a post about opportunity cost and homeschooling.

That’s it for this week.  I hope everyone’s have a great Easter!!


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