Sunday Sharing

Welcome to Sunday Sharing!  Here’s where I share my favorite articles, You Tube videos, quotes and random internet browsing of the week.

First up this week is A Painful Apology to a Kid at Church. It is so hard to apologize to our children, and I think this article captures the struggle between anger and apology so well. Speaking of apologies, the thing I need to apologize the most for is my tongue, so A Quiet, Pondered Answer was a big help to me this week.

My husband and I have been surprised and disheartened over the past few years by how many children, who are raised in church, do not know the basic Bible stories. The article The Scandal of Biblical Illiteracy shares some of the fallout from not learning the Bible.

If you’re not sure what is in the Bible, you are easily swayed by every popular wind that comes blowing through Christianity.  So, you need to learn the bible and to become more discerning.  What the Bible says is not always taught in the popular books on Christianity. The Corruption of Christianity is an excellent article to help you take some of the blinders off.

My pastor preached on suffering a couple of weeks ago, and now it seems like I’m seeing articles on suffering everywhere.  The article Suffering is a Doorway, Not a Dead End is an especially good example.

I feel so exhausted some times as a homemaker and mother. So, I really liked reading Why Does God Ask So Much of Moms?. It reminded me that God often does give us more than we can handle on our own to his glory.

I also struggle sometime with guilt over the fact that we can’t afford everything that either the children or my husband and I want. It’s hard to tell your kids that you can’t afford something. However, I was encouraged by the article Why “I Can’t Afford It” Could be the Best Thing for Your Children this week.

I often feel like my children are growing up in a brave new world compared to the culture that I grew up in. I found myself fascinated as I listened to Paglia: Transgender & Civilization’s Decline and read the article associated with the clip.

As you know, the trap of busyness and the rejection of it one of my key issues, so it was with joy that I read I Have All the Time I Need this week. I think it’s an excellent reflection on our culture of busyness and the costs that it has to each of us personally.

I have been slowly listening to some of the 2017 G3 Conference sermons.  If you haven’t heard David Miller’s sermon on Preaching Justification Expositionally, you should drop everything and go take a listen now. D.A Carson’s session on Laying the Foundation is also excellent, especially where he discusses how the joy in learning is different from the reverence of the word of God.  Actually all of his session is wonderful!


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