Bloodcircle (Vampire Files #3)

Bloodcircle (Vampire Files, #3)Bloodcircle by P.N. Elrod

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jack Fleming is trying to find out what happened to his girlfriend. She left him five years ago, and as soon as he gave up looking for her, Jack was found by vampire hunters and by Maureen’s sister. In his interactions with Maureen’s sister, he learns more about why Maureen left and where she fled to. Charles Escott, as an inquisitive private investigator, has used the the information they found out about Maureen to trace the place that Maureen fled to, and now the time has come to pay this place a visit.

When they get to the house that Maureen’s phone calls were traced to, they discover another vampire, Johnathan Barrett. Although Barrett is evasive with them, Jack and Charles find themselves learning more and more about the strange circumstances of Maureen’s disappearance. All is not well in Barrett’s household either as he is surrounded by two human women with unclear (and perhaps suspicious) motivations. Will they find out what happened to Maureen? Will all be well in Barrett’s life? Fleming finds himself getting more and more involved in Barrett’s affairs and household as he searches for answers about Maureen.

This book was an interesting and fitting conclusion to the search for Maureen. We finally meet another vampire in this book, and interestingly enough, this vampire is the lead vampire in a different series by Elrod (It must have been 20 years since I read that series, and I’m now thinking about re-reading it.). The events of the book are interesting, and I really enjoyed reading this one.

My favorite part of this book is when Escott steals Fleming away from a funeral home. It’s a perfectly comic picture, especially as they are working so hard not to get caught, but Escott ends up getting jailed for a while anyway!

The ending is a little dark, and I felt sorrow that it ended on what was an essentially unhappy (but slightly hopeful) note. I look forward to reading the other books in the Vampire File series. In fact, when I finished this book, I splurged and ordered the whole rest of the series and the Johnathan Barrett series, so I’l be reading Elrod for a while!

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