How Big is God?

How Big Is God? (HarperBlessings)How Big Is God? by Lisa Tawn Bergren

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

It is hard to conceptualize how big God is, and it’s hard to understand how such a big God can live in our hearts and be with us everywhere we go. This is the mystery that the Mom in “How Big is God?” is attempting to explain to her child, and I bought a copy of the book, assuming it would help me explain the same things to my children.

It starts of good as Bergren explains how God is big and huge, but is able to still live in our hearts (although something needs to be said about how God only lives in the hearts of believers; it may be something implied that I missed). God can be in Australia, New Zealand and everywhere else, but he’s still with us here. I think that’s a good way to explain God’s omnipresence.

However, it’s after this that it starts to get a little uncomfortable as the Mom tells the son that God is like a tiny seed that grows into a huge tree, like a tiny grain of rice, like a tiny drop of water turning into a waterfall. Although the pictures are whimsical, and as you can imagine, my children enjoyed guessing what would complete each picture, I found myself feeling increasingly uncomfortable as I read the book.

In the language, it was implied and almost made as a statement that not only is God everywhere, but also that he is in everything. It is my feeling that this crosses the line into pantheism, which makes this a book that is, quite frankly, heresy.

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