Sunday Sharing

Welcome to Sunday sharing!  This is the post where I share some of my favorite articles and You Tube videos that we’ve experienced this week.

First off is Homeschooling Frugally: A Cautionary Tale.  I’ve actually read this one a couple of times over the past year or so. When I first started homeschooling, I collected everything free, and I went through a phase when I did a bunch of curriculum reviews.  Over time, I’ve come to realize that there are subjects worth spending money on, and that some freebies have more value than others. . . .Also, as we’ve made the transition to a more Ambleside Online inspired homeschool, I’ve realized that some activities are just a waste of time.  This article is helpful if you’re in that same place.

Self-care is something that I’ve really been trying to focus on recently.  My doctor has reminded me that now is the time to make the changes that will affect my future health. So, I found this article on How Are You Doing Caring For Yourself? to be inspiring.

Have you noticed that fewer and fewer people seem to be getting married? And those who do get married often wait until they are almost out of their twenties.  Albert Mohler speaks to this issue in The Problem of Delaying Marriage.

Is Digital Dangerous? is one of my biggest concerns about screen time. So, I appreciated reading this gentle and relaxed article about screen time.  The more I read about screen time, the more I realize that the jury is still out on its effects, but that screen time is necessary because of how digital our world is becoming.

Because avoiding pornography is such a real and present struggle in our world, I really enjoyed Hope in a Pornified World. We have hope if we use our experiences and struggles to help our children and disciples.

We go to a KJV only-church, so it might surprise you, but the reason why I am so determined that my children primarily use the KJV is not a religious one. Its related to the language of the KJV. So, it was with joy that I read the Ambleside Online article Why the KJV? this week

Are you constantly learning but never really developing in your relationship with God? It might have something to do with what you’re feeding on as this article, Women, Don’t Feed on Fluff points out.

This article on Hannah was really beautiful to read.  My favorite line? “We can be certain that whatever our circumstance, it’s necessary for what he’s doing in our life and/or someone else’s life.”  I thank God for that.

Our Community Bible Study group is studying Genesis in the upcoming year, so I’ve already begun to notice articles and ideas that relate to it. So, I enjoyed reading this article on Wrestling with God.

I tend to forget the importance of discipline, so I needed the message in Spare the Rod, Spoil the Parent. I think this reminder will be helpful going forward.

That’s it for this week.  Hope you guys have an excellent week!!


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