Bloodlist (Vampire Files #1)

Bloodlist (Vampire Files, #1)Bloodlist by P.N. Elrod

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jack Fleming is having a bad day. He wakes up with a hole in his chest, gets intentionally run over and still manages to be up and fighting back. He never realized when he was falling in love with a vampire several years before that one day he might wake up dead and with a hunger for blood.

Still, Jack has awakened to a new undead life, and he can’t remember a single thing that has happened in the week leading up to his “death.” So, as a former reporter, he finds himself investigating, trying to discover how he was killed and why. His investigation leads him deep into the 1930s mob scene in Chicago, and before long the mob is attempting to kill him again. Luckily for him, he has picked up a new friend and partner in Charles Escott. Together they make an excellent team against the mob.

About 20 years ago I was really into vampires. I had read several books, some pretty romantic and I was looking for more vampire books to read. So, I picked up a book called “Bloodlist.” It wasn’t a regular vampire novel in the genre I was used to reading, so I read about 50 pages and decided to quit it. I hated the book.

Fast forward 20 years. I’ve burned out of the vampire genre, and it’s been years since I picked up a vampire book. I happened to pass by a display at the library, and this book and made it out to the display. I couldn’t remember that I had tried to read it before, so I plunged right in, and was surprised when I loved the book.

If you’re used to the sparkly vampire books and the genre of vampire romance, this is a fresh take on vampires. He has some weaknesses that mythical vampires have, such as needing his home earth, a weakness to wood and an aversion to crossing moving water. He also can’t see his reflection and can’t stand the sunlight. However, garlic, silver, and crosses don’t seem to effect him.

More than anything though, this is a noir detective novel. This is the kind of hard-boiled detective type fare that might have been done better before, but never better with a vampire in the mix. If you like vampires or the noir type mystery novel, this is a really fun, but never truly surprising read. It’s not the best written or highest literature around, but I really like it!


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