Resources for An Island Story Part 2 (Chapters 6-10)

This is the second post in my series of posts going through An Island Story with my children.  I’ll be sharing the resources that we used with chapters 6-10, and hopefully, you will find it helpful.

The Last of the Romans

This chapter discusses the most important Romans (Julius Agricola, Hadrian) for British history. It also touches on the Druids and the culture of ancient Britons, so if you didn’t read Cut-throat Celts before this chapter, this is a perfect chapter for it.

This chapter discusses Hadrian’s wall, so we watched Hadrian: Building the Wall

We also decided that this was a perfect time for a general documentary for The Roman Invasion of Britain as part of wrapping up our studies on the Romans in this part of the book.

The Story of St. Albans

We watched this video called St. Alban the Martyr.

I was hoping for more resources on St. Alban, but there’s just not a lot out there. I did show the children a Verulamium Museum 70th Anniversary Documentary since St. Alban lived during the third century.

Vortigern and King Constans

Nothing extra here.  It would be a good place to study who the Picts were, but we didn’t take advantage of that opportunity.

The Story of the Coming of Hengist and Horsa

There’s a short Horrible Histories video of Hengist and Horsa we watched when we did this.

We also took the suggestion in the book of cutting paper into a single long, thin strip and seeing how much you could fit around this.  Not only is this a great history activity, but the cutting is a great practice of fine motor skills.

Paper cutting

When we got outside and tested our paper, it made it over halfway down the driveway, which wasn’t half bad for an experiment here.

Hengist’s Treachery

We didn’t use any additional resources here either.  The day we worked on this chapter we were having a lazy day, and the little one had fallen asleep, so we just read and did written narrations.  That’s one of the things I’m loving. You can get fancy or you can just read and narrate.

One of the the things I did do for this section of chapters is to buy the game Hengist, but I didn’t plan ahead, so it wasn’t here in time to actually use at the same time as these chapters.  I plan to update after we’ve had a change to play the game, and if it’s a good enough game, I’ll devote an extra blog post just to explaining how the game can work with your history study.


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