Tough Questions

Reading The Imperfect Pastor has me asking myself some hard questions. Eswine implies that the Fall might have been caused partially by boredom with the perfect place that God had given Adam and Eve and with their longing for “more.” I can’t say that I agree with his exegesis, but I can say that I can relate to the longing for more.

Sometimes, I find myself thinking “I could do so much more.” I’m “too limited” by the job that God has given me to do. God doesn’t value my talents. Honest words from me, but they really make me realize my own arrogance and pride.

One of the things that Eswine does get right in his account of Eden is that Adam and Eve’s rebellion against God was driven by their refusal to abide by God’s limits for them. Whatever the motivation was, they wanted to be like gods, and they refused to abide by the good limits that God had set for them.

I have often refused to abide by the limits that God has set for me in life, leading me to pain and unhappiness. This might be from natural consequences. This might be from a consequence so surprising that only God could have caused it. Either way, I find myself reeling from the realization that I have limits and that I have arrogantly attempted to be like God once again.  Here are some of the questions that Eswine poses.

If I am bored with ordinary people in ordinary places, then am I not bored with what God delights in?

If I think that local limits of body and place are too small a things for a person as gifted as I am, then don’t I want to escape what God himself gladly and daily inhabits?

If I stare at a face, a flower, a child or a congregation and say, “but God, not this. I want to do something great for you!” Am I not profoundly misunderstanding what God says a great thing is?

Why don’t you try asking yourself some of these questions and seeing how you answer?


I know I haven’t posted any book reviews in a couple of weeks, and I know that’s what many people follow my blog for. We had a conference at my church last week, and I got behind and haven’t started catching up yet.  I currently have seven books finished and not written reviews for yet.  I’ll try to write a couple of reviews before the end of the week 🙂


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