Sunday Sharing

Welcome to Sunday Sharing! This is the place where I will be sharing my favorite articles, quotes and YouTube Clips each week.

First up this week are a couple of resources on Brutus of Troy.  I’ve started a whole family study in our homeschool through An Island Story by H.E. Marshall, and the first character for study was the mythological first king of Britain, Brutus of Troy. We watched this short historical documentary and read Brutus of Troy: First King of Britain or Just a Myth?.  I also assigned my older two a paragraph to write on whether Brutus was real or a myth, and they both came back to tell me that he was a myth because the Marshall story had mermaids in it. (They were both like, “Of course it’s a myth.”) I’m still pretty intrigued because I had never heard the stories before, but there’s all this folklore about him that is totally new to me.

Another article that I really enjoyed this week was Please Stop Saying–“God Told Me.”  I think this is an important issue because so many of us are looking for God’s audible voice and not feeling like God’s revelation in his written word is enough.  Why do we look for this? Is God’s word enough? Both the article and the comments are very interesting reading.

I also really enjoyed this article on The Responsibility of Dependency. We are all dependent to some extent on each other, and both sides should model independence and responsibility with money. Great thoughts for me.

I also really needed this article on 3 Marks of Righteous Anger.  I may need to read this book!  While I’m thinking about anger, I have to admit that there has been a lot of anger and fighting between my children lately.  This article on Dealing with Siblings Fussing was a great help for me.

I have really been pondering What is the Relationship Between Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility? of late.  It is a very complex question, and yet, I find myself enamored with John MacArthur’s simple answer.

Reading “The Jesus Storybook Bible” Turns 10: The Story Behind the Bestseller reminded me of a magical time in our homeschool where my children were all small and I would sit and read a story or two from this book every morning as part of our homeschooling.  It is a beautiful Bible storybook to share with your children.

As my older children are starting middle school, I’ve begun to spend a lot of time thinking about my goals in education. So, even though we don’t use the Easy Peasy Curriculum, I really appreciated this article from the creator called The Key.

I also appreciated this article on Why the British Tell Better Children’s Stories Than Americans.  I disagree with the title because better is in the eye of the beholder, but this is an interesting (and satisfying) read about the differences between American and British children’s literature.  While I’m on the topic of books, this article of How to Read 200 Books a Year gives some great advice!


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