Sunday Sharing

Welcome to Sunday Sharing!  This is the place where I share all my favorite articles and other cool things I’ve come across this week!

First up is Finding Your Homeschool Tribe. I don’t know who else struggles with this, but we’ve been homeschooling five years, and I still haven’t found the “tribe” that I fit with yet.  Reading articles like this one give me hope that it’s still out there.

As someone who used to be attracted to Neo-Paganism, I find myself really feeling sensitive lately to the current mystical trends in my own beloved Christianity. So, I really appreciated the post Mysticism, We Don’t Need You. It takes a good account of some of the current trends in Christianity. Speaking of the topic, I also used to feel like I was less than spiritual because I didn’t have dramatic tales of the Lord speaking dramatically to me, but then I matured as a Christian and learned the advice set forth in How are we led by the Spirit? How do we know God’s will?. The Bible is truly sufficient for all my needs!  Along this note is also the excellent article on The Five Tests of False Doctrine.

I think it’s important to examine Why We Neglect Teaching the Bible To Our Children.  Even though I try to make it my priority, I often slip into complacency. Along these lines, I wanted to share this article on Long Hours and Laziness.  I recognize myself in this because I often allow myself long hours of working on things for my CBS class, the house, etc. because it’s easier than parenting my children. Mea culpa.

I often find myself wanting to work and glorify God, but I also want to glorify myself at the same time. This made the article Photobombing Jesus especially convicting.

I also really enjoyed the article Capturing Weak Women because I have been pondering these verses from Timothy a lot lately. I am starting be be very careful about certain women’s authors. Enough said for today on that.  While I’m on the subject of favorite posts from Tim Challies’ blog, I have to admit that Do I Really Need to Suffer? is something I’ve been pondering for a while, mostly because I always feel like such a whiner because my suffering is so slight to other peoples’ comparatively speaking.

There is something I do write with my children, and so I was delighted to read the post When Mother Reads Aloud this week. One of my children is a dreamer, and I teach a bunch of other children the Bible, so I really appreciated this article on How to Reach a Daydreamer.  Lots of good ideas here!

As someone who occasionally struggles in this area, I really appreciated this article on Christian Women and Erotica. The struggle and the battlefield of the mind are really undercooked places for sins to hang out. I’ve had to completely revamp my reading and viewing habits over the past few years as I’ve attempted to purify my mind.


One thought on “Sunday Sharing

  1. Oooh there are lots of interesting sounding posts here! Thank you for sharing – I’ve bookmarked this to come back to after I’ve had the bath I’ve just run in 🙂

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