Genie in a Bottle

Genie in a Bottle (Whatever After #9)Genie in a Bottle by Sarah Mlynowski

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Abby is still trying to think of ways to help Maryrose. She is competing in a read-a-thon at her school in hopes that, if she is the winner, she will be able to request that her school library stock some books that will help her to break Maryrose’s curse.

However, it does not look like Abby is going to win. So, instead, Abby decides to go through the mirror on an adventure to see if she can free Maryrose. At first, Abby and Jonah feel like they’ve hit the jackpot. They’re in the story of Aladdin. Surely, they can just wish for the genie of the lamp to free Maryrose and all would be better.

As usual, they mess up Aladdin’s story. They mess up dealing with the genie of the lamp. They end up with an inexperienced ring genie named Karimah, and hilarity and fun ensue. Eventually, the story ends well in the fairy tale land, and when Abby and Jonah come back to their home, Abby finds that one of her friends has won the read-a-thon and is allowing her to help choose the books that she asks the library to order.

As usual, these books are very formulaic and simple. Yet, I read this one with my children, and they wanted to give this book five stars because the genie is funny, and all the things that go wrong and truly amusing. I also admit that I enjoyed the book, although I would like to see some further resolution of Maryrose’s story because this book provided very little information on Maryrose, and I thought we had gotten to a place (ten books into the series) where we were deeper into a “real” story. Oh well. Maybe in the next book.

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