Sunday Sharing

Welcome to Sunday Sharing! This is the place where I share my favorite articles, quotes and YouTube videos that I have read this week.

First up is Why Can’t We Read Anymore?. In this article, Hugh McGuire explores how the constant rush of dopamine from email, Twitter and Facebook interfere with our ability to concentrate on the REAL things in our lives.

I always like sharing positive articles about homeschooling, so I really liked reading Homeschooling is More Popular Than Ever But Still Widely Ignored.

I also enjoyed reading God Wants You to Get Some Sleep.  Sleep is something that I’m almost embarrassed about needing, so it’s refreshing to be reminded of our need for sleep.

I’m still reading more and more about the divide between print and ebooks, and I had seen an article a couple of years ago about the ebook market shrinking, so I found Despite What You Heard, The E-Book Market Never Stopped Growing to be very interesting.

I’ve been reading some articles about Transgenderism and gender issues, so I really appreciated the article Psychiatry Professor: “Transgenderism” is Mass Hysteria Similar to 1980s-era Junk Science. I remember the Satanic Ritual Abuse and Recovered Memory crazy of the 1980s, so I really appreciated this article linking the current Transgender fad to that.

As an introvert and a homeschooling mom, I really needed to hear the 5 Tips for An Introvert Homeschool Mom. The author even breaks it down to the different tips that different kinds of introverts need, so go check it out!

I wear a Fitbit, but mostly it just makes me feel guilty that I don’t get the steps I should, so I can totally relate to this article on how Wearables and Fitness Trackers Don’t Improve Health. This one on how Your Wearable and Fitness Tracker Won’t Help you Lose Weight. This line really resonated with me: These are people who are already struggling, and already don’t like activity,” he says. “They look down and see, ‘I am so far away from my goal today, I can’t do it.’ It could be working against them.”

I also loved this post called Homeschooling is NOT Your Hobby. When I started homeschooling, homeschooling was my hobby for the first couple of years, and that was completely unhealthy.  I’m so glad that I was able to find my own interests again.

Homeschooling is, of course, my primary job at this point in my life, so I was really refreshed and renewed by reading Tim Challies’ Work that Makes a Difference. When I fail to find joy in my work, its most likely my problem and an outgrowth of the lack of significance that I place upon it. Good read! As I was thinking about this topic, I stumbled across the blog post To Be a Diaper Changer, and I almost cried. Among my many mistakes and regrets in life is the realization that for years I gave lip service to the importance of my home and family, but I didn’t really believe it, and I didn’t really believe that my work in the home was of value. I didn’t understand that it was my calling from God and I always, in pride, thought that I was meant for “better” things. I didn’t understand that what I had in my life (and still, by God’s mercy have) was the “best” thing and the best way that I could serve him.  So, these two blog posts together really stayed in my heart for a long time this week.


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