Take Four (Baxter #18)

Take Four (Above the Line, #4)Take Four by Karen Kingsbury

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Andi Ellison is nineteen and pregnant. She’s committed to giving up her baby for adoption, but the myriad of emotions that she experiences during pregnancy makes her begin to wonder if she’s doing the right thing. Will she continue with adoption or will she decide that it’s time for her to be a mother?

Everything seems to be going Bailey Flanagan’s way. She has a big audition and a promising beginning to a real relationship with Cody Coleman. Will she find all her dreams come true or will all her hopes be dashed?

This is a book that truly played on my emotions. There were so many good emotional payoffs in this book. This has been a difficult series to read because of all the things that happen that just left me feeling brokenhearted and disappointed. This book kept me in the broken hearted camp, but allowed me to get some closure and happiness from what has gone on in these stories. I truly loved many of the things that happened and how they were resolved, so this was an excellent book to me.

I will go through each point-of-view character briefly. Don’t forget that there will be spoilers ahead, so read at our own risk.

Bailey: Bailey actually starts this book off with a little disappointment. Her Broadway audition doesn’t go quite the way that she hopes, but at the same time, a door opens for her to get the lead part in a major Hollywood movie. That’s kind of a great second opportunity. She attempts to start a relationship with Cody Coleman, only to find that he distances himself from her, leading to her broken heart. She does have a life beyond Cody though and great things are happening for her in that part of her life. I can’t wait to see more of her in the next book series, so I’ve completely changed my view on this character over the past couple of books.

Keith: Keith is in a dual position. He is experiencing success as a producer and is very up from that, but his daughter’s pregnancy is devastating for him. He is especially devastated that Andi is giving the baby up for adoption because he longs to love his grandson. Yet, as always, he handles everything remarkably. He’s this series’ John Baxter. Even when he has emotional turmoil, he is centered and puts God first.

Cody: Cody Coleman is continuing to coach football with great success. He’s found his calling and it’s an excellent thing for him! He starts a relationship with Bailey Flanagan, only to find himself distancing himself from Bailey and breaking up with Bailey after his mother is put back in jail for dealing drugs. He still loves Bailey, but his life is so crazy that he feels that he can’t even ask her to be a part of it. After all, she has a lot going on and her life is really picking up. He breaks up with her because he loves her. I’m not positive that’s what he should do, but I really feel bad for him.

Andi: She’s pregnant and exhausted. She continues with school and leans on the support of her parents. She loves her unborn son, and briefly considers keeping him, but realizes that he is not meant for her to raise. It’s really upsetting for me, as a mother to read her son’s birth and all the emotions that go through her head as she prepares to say good-bye to him forever. I’m still upset as I sit and write about this book, and yet, they are some of the most beautiful scenes in the book. I’m glad to have gotten to hear her perspective.

Brandon: Brandon is the delightful surprise for me in this book. He’s determined not to be touched by Jesus and even parties and around in rebellion against the idea that he’s about to make a Christian film. He finds himself thinking about pulling out of making the movie Unlocked. However, he finds himself pulled into the movie by both his love for the book and by the allure of young Bailey Flanagan. His scenes in the book with Bailey and their developing friendship is undeniably charming. His eventual salvation is even better. I hope to see more of him in the next series of books.

Luke: Luke has very few point of view scenes in the book, but as luck would have it, Luke and Reagan are adopting Andi’s baby. We get to see, through Luke, their excitement over the new baby, their mourning when the birth mom changes her mind, their excitement when they realize that the baby really will be theirs, and their surprise to find out that the woman who picked him out was Keith Ellison’s daughter. Happy times for their family.

That’s about it for this book. Great story and a great payoff for reading through the series. I look forward to starting to tackle the Bailey Flanagan series now.

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