Sunday Sharing

Welcome to Sunday sharing! Here’s where I share my favorite articles, quotes and videos that I have encountered this week!

The perfect thing for me to read this Valentine’s week was the article Love & Irritability.  I struggle, not with anger, but with irritation, and this was a dose of conviction for me. My favorite line was: Whether small annoyance or large, to be easily provoked is that response of irritation which is fueled by a worship of oneself and lack of worship of God.  (I was at DisneyWorld with my children this week, and I really could have used this message fresh in my mind then.  I guess it’s more convicting after losing it with them a couple of times last week.)

I love this “tricky people” approach from this article. I am making sure that one of the next concepts I teach my children about adults is that “Adults don’t ask children for help. They ask other adults.” That distinction makes a world of difference.

I’ve also been reading more and more on my Kindle these days, so I was delighted to read Tim Challies article Going All-in With Ebooks.  My husband bought me my first Kindle several years ago to help with “book clutter,” and I’m finally beginning to take full advantage of them.  I have the Baxter books in paper, and for the first time, I’m realizing how much I am preferring to read on my Kindle. Speaking of reading and Tim Challies, some of my favorite of his articles address books and reading, and Reading out of Love for Others reminds me that reading does not have to be selfish.  Many books I’ve read have been because of my love for others.

Speaking of books, I’ve been reading Karen Kingsbury’s Summer. Ashley has just received a terrifying and terminal diagnosis on her unborn daughter. The doctor reminds her, “I can only tell you that God has a plan for every child. No matter how brief the life.” I’m so glad that he does have a plan for each of us!!

As I was reading this book, I came across another great message that I want to remember always. “God’s still God even if things don’t go your way.” I think that one of the biggest things I battle with myself and with the kids is the feel and hope that God is like some magic genie in the sky that gives us every thing we ask for.  I want to do better and I want to teach my kids better!

I’ve had this article called The Five Craziest Hours in the White House on my list of articles to read since the presidential inauguration.  It’s totally cool to see the transformation the they make so quickly.

Here’s a beautiful Call to Faithfulness. It reminds me of how I struggle and fall much more easily than I should when I want to be faithful.

I’m not really sure why, but I have been reading some articles about Y2K recently, and I’ve been remembering things about that time.  I was in college, and my future mother-in-law had completely stocked a closet that she called her “Y2K Room” in case there was an apocalypse. We didn’t do many preparations at the grocery store that I worked at, but we did have some flashlights and some manual cash registers just in case our technology stopped working.  My family didn’t prep at all.  However, one of the most interesting things that I did was to take a class on apocalyptic religion and learn all about the different religious groups that were focused on the end of the world, doomsday and destruction.  Discovering and reading this New York Times opinion piece It’s Always the End of the World as We Know It reminded me of many of the groups that I learned about in my classes. It’s our nature to look for the end and signs of Christ’s return, but let us never get so caught up in that that we see destruction around every corner of our lives.

So, those are some of my favorite articles from this week. Can you recommend some good ones for me to read next week?


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