Sunday Sharing

Welcome to Sunday sharing! Here’s where I share my favorite articles, quotes and videos that I have encountered this week!

First up this week, I have the article The Danger of Entertaining Lies. This was powerful to me as I often allow myself to be defeated and self-condemning over my own sin and ways that I fall short (even though I know that I can never match up to Christ’s example). It’s important to remember that Satan takes “what’s true and twists it slightly, posing as a voice of reason and sense.” Powerful stuff!

I also really liked this article from Tim Challies titled There But for the Grace of God Go I.  It’s a phrase that we like to repeat, a way of reminding ourselves that we’re all sinners.  However, in our sanctification and spiritual warfare, I really draw power and encouragement from these sentences: “God does not confer scandal-busting grace each morning that I just sit back and receive, hoping it is enough to defeat the day’s sin. Rather, he calls upon me to receive his grace and to be obedient to his Word. He gives the grace to obey. This is not a grace I receive passively, but a grace I act on and act out.”

Because I am not a Calvinist, I do not see eye to eye with the conclusions in this Myth of Influence article.  However, I totally get and agree with the essential message and the deplorable examples that Godfrey uses in this article. My favorite quote: For a long time, I have felt that the cause of biblical Christianity has been undermined in our time by sincere people who engage in unbiblical activities for the sake of “being an influence.” The sad and ironic result of those actions has been harm to the cause of Christ and little or no positive influence has actually occurred. The myth of influence seduces Christians into believing that by compromising important theological truths more people can be influenced for Christ.  This is an important article and I found it on my mind often as I engaged recently in a Facebook conversation about Super Bowl entertainment that made have to face the realization that the left has won “the culture war.”

I have been continuing my journey through Ray Stedman’s Expository Studies in 2 Corinthians. This week, I’ve been reading the chapters of the book devoted to 2 Corinthians 3, and I found a quote that related to 3:6 that really stood out to me.  The quote is:

The external law invariably kills motivation. Many of us never seem to learn that lesson. We are constantly trying to order people around, make them do things out of pressure, little realizing that the law is absolutely the kiss of death to all sense of desire and motivation within someone.

As a home educator, I have seen this truth play out in the life of my second-born child so completely that I do want to take some time and write an entire blog post relating to this quote and to 2 Corinthians 3:6. It’s going to have to wait for another day though, and I wanted to share this quote with you this week.

Have a great week, and happy reading!!


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