I Corinthians 16:13 Commercials

This year I have been teaching through First and Second Corinthians at my local Community Bible Study.  I teach middle school and high school homeschool students, and their average age is approximately 8th to 9th grade (and over half my class is male), so sometimes we need some activities to fill our two hours together.  Too much lecture and I lose them.

The best activities, however, are learning activities and I revel in finding a plan that truly works for the kids in my class.  A few weeks ago we studied the last chapter in I Corinthians, and I struggled to find an activity that would relate.  However, I hit upon something in the CBS teacher’s guide (for elementary-high school students) that was truly inspired, and I was able to use it in our class with great results.

In this activity, we examined I Corinthians 16:13.  This verse contains four commands that Paul gives the Corinthian church in his final charge.  Here it is in the KJV, but you can always look it up in your preferred version on Bible Gateway.

Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.

So, since there are four commands I had my co-teacher divide our class into four groups, and I assigned each group one of the the commands in this verse.

Each group had approximately 20 minutes (and they worked almost every minute of it) to create their own 30-60 commercial related to the verse.  They needed to convince the audience of the truth of the statement and find a way to complete this command in love.

To help get the students started, I had them begin to ask the following questions:

  • What’s the main idea of this phrase?
  • What are some slogans or jingles that would encourage someone to obey this phrase and do it in the light of love?
  • When is a time you need to remember this phrase?

After just a couple of minutes, three of the groups had already devised projects, and began creating products and storyboards to go along with their advertising. The focused on the fun and on the products and it turned out great! The students who had the phrase “Act like men” had a difficult time getting started, and I think it might have been due to the lack of emphasis that our culture places on the importance of manhood. However, they turned it around and wrote some striking text for a motivational spot as well.

We brought in a couple of impartial judges to judge, and while they loved all of the commercials, they found the be watchful one to be the best because of the catchy dance and “Be, be, be watchful” jingle that they sang! Even better, this opened the door to discussing true applications of the text with them as we would discuss what their commercial meant and how they could apply the message to their lives.

I thought, in case you decided to try this activity in your classroom, that I would show you the advertising that the young men and women in my class designed as some of the imagery for their commercials.  If you do try this, let me know in the comment box because I would love to see how this activity turned out for you!



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