One Size Fits All and Other Fables

One Size Fits All and Other FablesOne Size Fits All and Other Fables by Liz Curtis Higgs
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As a woman who has been overweight my whole life, I have struggled with self-acceptance and self-love. (And when I say I’ve been over weight my whole life, it’s true. I dieted down to a size 16 while I was dating my husband, and that’s the smallest I’ve ever been in my adult life.) So, as I was reading Liz Curtis Higgs’s books, I knew that One Size Fits All was a book that I could not skip.

In this book, Higgs takes on several myths that surround fat people and losing weight. She offers her own refutation for each of these myths. For example, she tackles the idea “All it Takes is a Little Willpower” early in the book, showing how, even with willpower, many people can not loose weight and keep it off. Several of these myths hit home and are myths that I have been guilty of believing. I have often felt guilty of some dread, mortal sin, merely because I have had a lifelong struggle with my weight, and this book has helped me gain some freedom from that. This has been a joy to me.

This book is 20 years old and out of print. Some of the research that Higgs discusses is out of date, and I have no way of gauging what she’s discusses with current nutritional ideas and practices. (which is one of the reasons why this book is not a five star book) In other words, I am not abandoning my doctor’s idea of a soda-free, low-carb eating plan. However, I think that as I have read her book, I have realized that I need to not shame myself for being fat. Instead, I need to focus on healthy eating, and realize that if I do my responsibility for eating, then whether or not I lose weight is not totally in my control. I need to learn to be happy the way that God made me. That is easier said than done, but Higgs book is an important piece in the puzzle of self-acceptance for me.

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