The Most Wonderful Time of the Year {A LitFuse Publicity Group Review}


Sometimes as an adult, I have trouble feeling the Christmas spirit.  It seems like the responsibilities outweigh the joy, both in giving and in celebrating Christ’s birth. I might even occasionally feel like a grinch.  That is why I love Christmas devotionals.  They give me an avenue to bring a little meaning and Christmas spirit into a day that might be overwhelmed with a to-do list.  So, when I received the opportunity to review The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: A Countdown to Christmas, I was excited about the opportunity to read through it and use it to add a little more Christmas into my day.

This book is a collection of 31 devotionals for the whole month of December. These devotionals are a little different from the standard devotional as Collins takes the scripture and then reminds the reader of a Christmas song or movie that relates to the verse that he has chosen.  As someone who really connects to stories and songs, I found this to be a blissful nugget for each day.  However, the devotion is not all there is to a daily reading.  Each day also has a Christmas song story with the lyrics printed out for reading and either a homemade gift or cookie recipe for you to consider making.

I have to say that I love this book! I read through it for this review, but I will totally be working through it day-by-day this December, and I will be listening to music and making at least some of the homemade gifts and cookies that I’ve been given instructions for.  This is a beautiful little treasury to turn to year after year, and I can see using this book as a reference or a devotional will be something that will grow to be a family tradition in our house.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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