NIV Faith and Work Bible


It seems that most of us spend large parts of our life working.  Even if we don’t work a nine to five job, we tend to have a career or calling that we spend large amount of our lives completing.   How do we integrate our faith into our working life though? That’s the question that the NIV Faith and Work Bible attempts to answer.

This Bible includes:

  • 66 book introductions that highlight the application of each book’s teachings to faith and work
  • 75 Deeper at Work stories to deliver strength and encouragement from the real-life experiences of people facing the same daily challenges and opportunities you face
  • 45 Core Doctrine articles featuring teachings from Christian leaders throughout the ages to help you learn to Biblical basis for integrating your faith and work
  • A 31-day journey through the Biblical narrative to help you grasp Scripture’s overarching storyline
  • 4 thought-provoking essays by David H. Kim, Richard Mouw, Nancy Ortberg and Jon Tyson to connect the gospel to your daily life.

This Bible has a nice collection essays without being too intrusive into the Biblical text.  There’s a good sized bar of cross-references down the middle column of the Bible, and that’s something I always appreciate.  Although I’m not really an NIV person, I enjoyed the notes in the text of this Bible.  My favorite portions were the deeper at work stories because they showed people with such varied careers all finding God through their work.  It’s an excellent little series of connections and testimony about two meaningful parts of their lives intersecting.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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