With All Due Respect {A BookLook Bloggers Review}


My children are rapidly aging.  My oldest turned eleven this year and my second born is nine (going on 16!), so I am firmly in the tween years of parenting with my older two children. I have a goal of modeling respectful and grace-based parenting with my children, but sometimes the pressures of actual parenting drive all my convictions from my head, so I find I need content reminders of how to parent correctly.  So, when I received the opportunity to review With All Due Respect: 40 Days to a More Fulfilling Relationship with Your Teens and Tweens, I knew that this was a devotional that I was going to work through.

In this devotional Nina Rosner and Debbie Hitchcock take forty days worth of material to help you practically be a better parent. The authors begin by having you go through and release your expectations of your children and of your spouse before you even get into the meat of the book. Your parenting is between you and God and not something where your expectations play into.  Then, each day has verses, a lesson to learn with a bottom line, a “What about you?” for you to reflect in a journal or to practically apply, and a prayer for the day.

I felt like the devotionals were helpful, especially if you did the exercises in each devotional. This is also a book that could be gone through multiple times , focusing each time on a different child or honing in on a different stage of your child’s development. I think this the kind of book that you could get more out of each time you did the exercises and devotional because you and your child both are always changing, so this could be often done as a reminder of peaceful parenting.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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