Angels {A Bethany House Review}


Angels are kind of a fringe topic.They tend to be the subject of paintings, movies and new age beliefs. However, angels have a very powerful and interesting role in the scriptures, and it’s one we often overlook because we’re too busy thinking of them as cute little cherubs with harps on clouds. So, when I saw the new book by Jack Graham called Angels: Who They Are, What They Do, and Why it Matters, I was intrigued with the idea of how a Baptist minister might approach this topic, so I couldn’t help but request it for review.

One of the most charming moments of this book was when Graham starts it off with admitting that Angels are a fringe topic, and that he never intended on writing a book on it. Then, at the suggestion of his publishers and a friend, he began making notes about angels in the Bible, and before he knew it, a book was born.  However, this book is about more than just angels.  Graham uses the fifteen chapters of this book to explore fifteen different aspects of Christ’s sufficiency made manifest by angelic dealings in the Biblical account.

For example, deals with Isaiah’s vision of God’s throne and his sighting of angels at the throne. The topic of the chapter is actually God’s holiness and his forgiveness of our sins. He discusses the symbolism of the appearance of the angels and the seraphim that touches the coal to his lips and what that coal represents. It’s a beautiful chapter, and it’s just the tip of the deep theology that is contained in this book.  I read this book much more quickly than I meant to as a reviewer.  It’s a book that deserves to be pursued and thought over. It’s a book I’ll be keeping on my shelves for some much needed rereading.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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