The Spiritual Warfare Answer Book {A Booklook Bloggers Program Review}


The Bible tells us that we have an enemy.  This enemy is active, on the prowl and attempting to destroy our witness and our lives. Yet, we do not always take that battle seriously, and sometimes we don’t even recognize that we’re in a battle.  How are we going to recognize the battle and see through Satan’s wiles?

That’s the point of David Jeremiah’s new book, The Spiritual Warfare Answer Book. In this book, discusses the spiritual warfare that we are in and the enemy we fight.  Then, he goes through each piece of God’s armor and our prayers to help give us weapons to fight in this war.

This is a small book, really gift-sized in a nice padded hardcover.  The pages are thick and glossy, and it would be a great gift for a Sunday school teacher, prayer partner or disciple.  The book is formatted into small snippets with a question-and-answer format maintained throughout.  It’s a quick read if you’re reading straight through, but you could linger and read one or two questions a day as part of a study of spiritual warfare or as a supplement to studying the armor of God.

I enjoyed the book, and I found a few new things and ideas to linger over.  I especially liked the prayer section with Jeremiah’s personalized outline of the Lord’s prayer as a part of his answers for others.  Great thoughts here and an easily readable format!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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