Better Together {A Moody Publishers Review}


It can be hard to make friends, be friends or have time for friends. Yet, God created us for community and to make connections with others. With that in mind, author Jill Savage and her daughter Anne McClane have collaborated to create a book on making friends for moms of all ages. This book, Better Together: Because You’re Not Meant to Mom Alone, caught my attention when I listened to an interview that Savage did on The Busy Mom podcast a month or so ago, and before I knew it, Better Together was making its way to my home.

In better together, Savage begins by explaining why you need Mom friends, what categories of Mom friends you need, where you can find friends and how to make them. Then, she has you go through some personality quizzes and apply the results to discover your Mom friend style, and how that effects the size and depth of your Mom friend circle.  The rest of the book is spent describing ways that Mom friends benefit each other, and it has tons of practical help for being a better Mom friend as well as anecdotes from Savage’s life, as well as from McClane’s life and sidebars from other ladies as well.  These chapters include, learning with friends, helping friends, caring for friends, sharing, praying, forgiving and encouraging each other.

This was a really warm and fuzzy read for me, and it helped me to realize that not every friend I have has to have a soul deep connection with me to be a friend.  It also helped me to see that it’s okay when you drift closer to and farther from particular friends in certain seasons of life.  As an introvert who processes internally and has a medium-low capacity for activity and a busy schedule, I’m going to have fewer friends and less activity than other moms do.  I’m okay with that, but sometimes seeing friendship activities on social media do make me jealous, and that’s a character flaw in myself that I just have to deal with.

However, when I do feel the urge to branch out and make new friends, I feel much more empowered to actually take the extra steps necessary to make those friends.  For that, I have to say that I really enjoyed Savage’s book and found it very helpful.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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