My Favorite Things This Week

This week kind of drug for me.  We came back from vacation and it was a normal week, but I’ve had some tooth pain, and sadly, it’s something I’ve got to see the oral surgeon for (and save some money for), so the pain has added a dimension to the week that made some days less than pleasant.

That being said, it wasn’t a bad week.  By Wednesday we started getting back into our morning  work routine, and Ellie finished Book A of First Start Reading this week. She was very proud and excited about that.

phonics a

She also made sweet cards for everyone in the family telling them how much she loves them. She even spelled it all herself, so I’m proud of her 🙂

cards from ellie

There also seemed to be a lot of lego building going on this week.  Emalee made the Starship Enterprise. She took it on lots of adventures and has spent all week fussing with the particulars of her bridge.


We watched Big Hero 6 again this week, and Connor made his own Baymax and Hiro figurines out of Legos.  They’ve been doing everything with him since then.


That’s really about it for this week.  Hope all my American friends have a great July 4th weekend!!


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